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Join me at events & workshops that focus on reflection, creativity, play and connection!

My workshops recognize that the joy of creative expression with the power of self-reflection can be a magical combination. You get to spend time doing fun, hands-on activities that offer you the chance to:

  • Better understand your learning style & how this can shape your creative expression

  • Discover a variety of tools for introspection & self-awareness

  • Connect with other like-minded souls in engaging & mindful conversations

  • Give yourself permission to play & have fun!

Come explore a creative and sacred path with me!

Do you love self-reflection, introspection, and personal growth?


Are you feeling stuck, a little lost, and could use some activities to help you figure out where you’re going next?


Are you craving a more intentional and creative life and want to explore ways to remember, rediscover, and reclaim your sacred self?


What's right for you? Here are some ways to learn with me.


One-on-One Consulting

~ In the works, stay tuned!

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Indi is an amazing facilitator, weaving the material seamlessly between the familiar and the new, areas of bravery peppered with vulnerability and vulnerability with immense safety. She created a safe space for unfettered creativity with boundaries that made the art, discussion, and learning new and comfortable. The discussion prompts, creation of safe space, and activities blended to make each uniquely special.


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