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Thanks for stopping by! I am an artist and dreamer and I'm all about learning, exploring, and being my best creative self. I also envision a world that is more colorful, peaceful, just, and magical! I hope you'll join me on this great adventure. Take a look around, enjoy some art, and reach out so we can connect!


Dream Hatcher Cootie Catcher
Dream Hatcher Cootie Catcher
Dream Hatcher.jpg

Dream Hatcher Cootie Catcher

Are you a dreamer? A visionary? Can you imagine a world that is so much better than the one we have now? Are you ready to tap into your best self while making this world a better place?

I've got just the thing to get you thinking about all the possibilities and to inspire you on a path of joyful exploration! This Dream Hatcher reveals interests, learning styles, places and arenas you might be drawn to, and areas where your gifts and talents can have the greatest impact while bringing you the most joy. Explore all the ideas, have fun, and use this Dream Hatcher to start thinking about how the best of you can create a new and better world.


Learn With Me!

Workshops & Events,

an E-workbook,

and one-on-one

Creative Expression Coaching

I offer all kinds of ways to explore your creativity! 

Whether it's an in-person workshop or event, an E-workbook that you can do from home, or connecting with me one-on-one for deeper work around your creative path, all of these recognize that the joyful creative exploration and spiritual soul expression can be a magical combination.


You get to spend time doing fun, hands-on activities that offer you the chance to:

  • Better understand your learning style & how this can shape your creative expression

  • Discover a variety of tools for introspection & self-awareness

  • Connect with other like-minded souls in engaging & mindful conversations

  • Discover ways to use your passions and creativity to create a better world

  • Give yourself permission to play & have fun!

I am a self-taught artist inspired by a sacred creativity that I believe we all have within us.

I work with acrylic paints on canvas and also create mixed media pieces and altered books ~ taking old boxes and books destined for the landfill and giving them new life as works of art. You can purchase original art, art prints, and notecards of my art in my  SHOP.

Indi Carlton

I am an artist, teacher, trainer, presenter & inspirer!

I envision a more just, peaceful, creative, artistic, and magical world where each and every one of us may find our unique creative expression and be able to thrive.

Let's Connect!

Thank you for stopping by!

If you'd like more information about my workshops or my art, you can subscribe to my newsletter, send me a message, or come visit me in the social places.

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