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He’s quite the wanderer and not home a lot but loves to pop in for a hot cup of tea and some shortbread cookies if invited. Though he is known to stick around a little longer if he spots a shiny sparkly object or some butterflies. Make sure to complement him on his whiskers, they are his favorite feature.


Once upon a time there were these little curious creatures of all sorts of shapes and colors flitting about here and there ~ and well just about everywhere ~ to remind us very forgetful humans that we need to welcome delight and wonder into our world. Slowly over time the most forgetful of humans began to question and doubt that these creatures ever existed, convincing anyone that would listen that they were simply bother and nonsense. Luckily, the creatures have not given up on us humans and have quietly and consistently kept at their business of delight-bringing throughout the many years of forgetting.


And according to these delightful beings, it’s the humans that sit at desks all day long ~ with little exposure to sunlight and fresh air ~ that seem to be the most forgetful. However, being the most cleverest of critters, they have come up with a way to share their delight and wonder, infiltrating the darkest realms ~ as wee desk altars. Quiet and unassuming, they emit sparkly joy merely by their very presence, reminding and reassuring desk-beholden humans of the delight to be found in the simplest of things.


If you know of anyone (yourself included) desperately needing to be reminded of the delight and wonder that is all around, you can gift one to them (or yourself) immediately. These wee creatures would be most pleased in fulfilling their purpose amongst humans.


This particular desk altar has been created from a repurposed, small box,  a large assortment of colorful bits and bobs, sparkle dust, and whimsy. This one measures 2.5" in height and 5.5" wide when fully open, with a depth of about 1.5".


Wee Desk Altar ~ Gnomalot

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