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10" x 10" ~ 2023
Acrylic paint on canvas, painted black sides, wired and ready to hang

Finished with a clear gloss UV protective finish coat


The spiral is an ancient and mysterious symbol. From the tiniest snail’s shell to the most magnificent faraway galaxies, the shape of a spiral is intrinsic to the makeup of the universe.  For myself, and my artistic path, I have always been drawn to and identified with spirals. They speak to the ever-expansive energy of creativity as well as to the notion that there is much more to this world than meets the eye. Through my interest and experience in travel, learning about other cultures and languages, and in pursuit of a spiritual path, I have been delighted by the proliferation of spirals across time and throughout the world. These paintings in this spiral series are in a sense self-portraits. Representations of the creative energy of the universe moving through me and my hands taking form as paintings on canvas.

Spiral Series: Earth

  • Shipping and handling included in price for continental U.S. addresses. For Alaska, Hawaii, and all other countries, contact me for a quote.

    All sales final, please shop conscientiously. Returns/refunds only if painting is damaged in transit. 

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