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The High-Rise Hide-Away is a place full of joy, laughter, music, and festivities. Invite the Faeries to move in to this sparkly space to weave some magic into your life. This one-of-a-kind hand-made faery house is just the thing for bringing some magic and wonder into your world.


This particular faery dwelling has been created from repurposed packaging (a small gift box), a large assortment of colorful bits and bobs, bark, moss, twigs, sparkle dust, and whimsy.  It's meant for a special indoor space with minimal dust and no direct sun exposure. This one reaches just over 8" in height and sits on a 6.5" x 4" base.


"When ye paint your dreams - it's visions, really - sent ye by the fae - ye keep them alive. Do ye not see? And it's up to you - people like you - painters and musicians and storytellers - to keep us here. And when you make it into a painting, ye'll help the rest of the world see us."

Skelly, the Sea Glass Trilogy, by Melanie Leavey

Faery House ~ High-Rise Hide-Away

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