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Reflections of a Year

It's April 1. It's April Fool's Day. And this year? Mercury begins taking one of its jaunts through Retrograde. Let the games begin! Ha!

In the spirit of retrograde, I'm taking this opportunity today to reflect back on the last year of this new creative life path of mine. Because it was a year ago today that I officially launched this new life. I even threw a launch party, and many of you were there! Thank you so much for celebrating the kickoff of this new life of mine!

It's been a year of planning, a year of saying yes, a year of trying new things, and a year of not having any clue as to what the heck I'm doing. Yep, it's been all of that and more.

Oh, and if you haven't realized already about me, I love spending time being reflective and introspective. I'll hold anything and everything up to that looking glass mirror to see what's on the other side. It's what I do. It's who I am. Thanks for coming along for the ride!!

And, because I love my lists, doing this is list-style. Each list has serious overlap, humor me here for dividing them up the way that I have. And this is not everything, but some of the highlights anyway.

Things I've accomplished:  

  • Threw a Launch party a year ago today (April 1)

  • Held an event in a public place that encouraged creativity and connection

  • Painted a body of work based on spirals

  • Created an e-workbook with all of my favorite tools around spirituality and creativity

  • Made some faery houses

  • Threw a Halloween party at a public place of the kind I wanted to go to (that involved creativity too of course)

  • Joined a new creative cooperative, Zola Exchange

  • Started blogging

  • Made an assembled art piece for the first time (and it sold immediately)

  • Painted a mural

  • Offered workshops around something I never thought I would offer (Tarot and astrology)

Things that didn't work out:

  • Replicated my original inaugural workshop and offered it out in the world and didn't sell any tickets

  • Created a freebie online download that then in a few months didn't resonate with me at all and took it down off my site (cootie catcher)

  • Offered creative coaching but didn't really know what it was I was offering and so took that down too, letting it simmer in the background to revisit or not at some point

  • Had my body of work of spirals at an event and didn't sell a single painting

  • Offered what I thought would be my signature workshop (twice) and didn't sell any tickets

Things I'm most proud of:

  • I took that leap! (and am creating this new life for myself)

  • I offered a workshop in a setting that was very much my old work world and had some amazingly positive feedback

  • I painted a mural!!!

  • Having women tell me that my way of presenting whatever it is I teach resonates with them deeply

  • Not giving up despite all the things that didn't work out and instead learning and growing from that

  • Starting this blog and being vulnerable every week, sharing what's going on with me

What I'm looking forward to:

  • Partnering with someone I respect very much to create a workshop together

  • Taking a teacher training course that will take me to the next level (whatever that means)

  • Reviving and creating a weekend away for women to connect, relax, and be creative

  • Leaning into offering workshops, e-workbooks, and other materials in areas I didn't think I would be

  • Continuing to try new things

  • Surprising myself

  • The unknown of this coming next year

Here's to Year Two!! Can't wait to see what adventures are out there just waiting to be experienced!

Thanks for being here along the way with me friends, it means the world to me!


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