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Updated: Apr 15

I intentionally skipped yesterday's regularly scheduled Monday post to chill with the Eclipse energy. Did you see it where you were? There was an itsy-bitsy ever so slightly hazy few minutes where I live, but you really had to be paying attention to even notice it. But it sure was fun to see all the photos and celebrations happening in the path of totality!


I ended up not just chilling as it turns out but also got totally motivated to do some spring cleaning. Well, spring organizing anyway. Bought myself a new shelf and assembled it and got my studio cleared out a bit. It's been a crazy jumble of art supplies, workshop materials, paintings, blank canvases, empty boxes, packaging materials, and more. It looks much better but has a long way to go. Still, proud of my ability to get to it and create some order out of the chaos.

organized shelf of art supplies

Of course life is chaotic, as much as we like to think we're in control. So much is really out of our hands. Is that some kind of doomsday thinking, you ask? I don't believe so. I really am trying to remember this actually. To surrender to the what is. To accept the flow of life and to try not to force things. But given that the overculture (my favorite new word) insists that productivity and aggressive tactics to take the bull by the horns and make life our bitch (I know right, even typing that, what the hell kind of phrase is that, and what does it say about, well, everything) is what we're "supposed" to be doing... Let's just say I reject that 100 percent.

I do believe that when the time is right, taking action to bring about something new into the world is exactly what we should do. But to recognize when it's time to flow and when it's time to go is the key.

It's mercury retrograde right now, and there's all kinds of warnings about what a shit time this can be for communications, travel, and technology, and to NOT do new things. But I prefer to adopt the attitude that it's the perfect time to slow down, to revisit and fine tune things (or directions), to reflect, reconsider, review, etc etc. Some of my most favorite activities as it turns out. So besides bringing some order to my studio, I also spent the morning just being outside, walking, enjoying the gorgeous spring that we're having here, and to reflect on all the things.

spring in the sierra nevada foothills

One of the things I was reflecting on was the energy of this particular eclipse. Now, if you're not into astrology this might be where I lose you, but hear me out, astrology or no, I think there's some good stuff here.

The eclipse (the Sun and the Moon) lined up with a lesser planet called Chiron. This planet - wee as it is - symbolizes our greatest wound. The thing that we came here in this lifetime to heal. And not only to heal, but to then turn it around in order to utilize it as our greatest gift that we can share with others, to be of service to something greater than ourselves. Not such a small thing at all, as it turns out.

Now, it's up to each of us whether to heed this call, to look into the shadows, the darkness, the underbelly of who we are, to see what holds us back, what keeps us feeling like a victim to life, staying small when we are meant to shine. Having the Moon block out the Sun yesterday, right in the path of Chiron (thee pain point) gives us a perfect opportunity to examen that wound so we can heal it and move forward.

What it brought up for me is that my entire adult life I've looked for and wanted to have a mentor. A wise woman to guide me through life. Sharing her well-earned wisdom, encouraging me, believing in me, seeing me and all my gifts and reminding me of who I am. I have yet to find her. Instead I had to become that person for myself. Over and over again, I had to choose to be the one that believed in me, that helped me to see all the gifts I have to offer, and to offer encouragement along the way. Not without its challenges, mind you. I always thought life would have been so much easier with that guidance, the wisdom of an elder... but who's to say? We live the life we live, and we face the challenges we're meant to face, and we grow and learn because of those very challenges.

But yesterday I realized that I'm now at that point in my life where I'm at the age that I can be/should be/need to be - what's the verb here? - offering this very thing that I've craved to younger women. I am, one hopes, in the place of being more experienced, wiser, and have some insights into this thing called life that I can now share with others. It's not an ego-driven thing, but a realistic realization of what age I am and what all those gray hairs actually mean. How can I use all the angst of life - the lessons learned, my deepest wounds - to be of service to others?

I guess that's really the question that I want to answer through this new life path of mine. This quest - how I go about it - is up for revision, seemingly on a daily basis, and yet I keep at it.

I know I don't have all the answers, I'm still searching to be sure. But here's what I do know - what became crystal clear during yesterday's eclipse energy - I'm ready to go full on out being the weirdo, artsy, alternative, gothy, astro-loving, tarot card flinging galactic freak that I am. No more playing small. No more worrying about that overculture with all its rules and structures that does everything it can to squelch our brilliance and our gifts. I want to lean into breaking those rules even more. To question it all. To embrace the mythologies, the faeries, the ghosts, and the aliens of this world. To welcome anyone and everyone that wants to join me on this crazy path. And, if and when I can, share the nuggets of wisdom I've gleaned over the years so far. It's the least I can do.

I hope you'll join me, it's way more fun with others.

painting of a sunflower and a rainbow and a sun


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10 abr

Well you know that I'm 10000% agreeing with you (overculture? GREAT WORD!!!) and also capering alongside you, my own freak-flag flapping maniacally in the breeze. xoxo mel

Me gusta
Contestando a

Huzzah to freak-flag flapping maniacally, the only way to fly! 😉💙

Me gusta

09 abr

Nice Eclipse shot.

Me gusta
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