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Updated: Feb 6

Yes, that title is intentional and not a pre-determined blog template space-holder.

Welcome to week 3 of my blog.

I already have writer's block. 🤦‍♀️

So much for having so much to say, ha ha.

(By the way, I just went out of my way to find that "facepalming" emoji. I'm a big fan of emoji's and visual communication, but my blog platform doesn't have them, how is that even possible?!)

But I digress.

Here are some ideas I've come up with so far that I could write about:

  • How we define "work" and why we define it the way we do (anti-capitalism rant)

  • The racism behind why only some states/people honor and celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday today (social justice conversation)

  • Grief and the unexpected death of my sweet dog, Gracie (it's been a hard week)

  • Why I prefer creating altered books/assembled art over painting on canvas (grasping here)

All of them seem entirely too heavy and serious to be honest, except for maybe the last one. I've managed to write and erase several hundred words around each of those topics. I'm just not feeling it.

What to do?

Go meta and type about the block itself?

But surely that isn't very interesting. It probably won't hold your attention for any length of time. And it certainly can't be very SEO or algorithm savvy. Sigh.

But maybe, just maybe, I can give myself a break, and not force myself to write anything. After all, I am the boss of me now, I get to decide my schedule, the structure of my day, the priorities that need to be seen to, and the flow of my work. I can take a break. Yes, even though I've barely started. Is it lazy? Is it an undisciplined work ethic? Is it quitting? No. It's not. It's about self-care and recognizing the need to follow the energy. It's admitting that I've had a draining week and that I'm feeling uninspired and just need to grieve. It's also about filling my days with what brings me joy. It's about letting the inspiration of thoughts and words come on their own time and in their own way. It's most definitely not about "should's" and "ought-to's."

These are my thoughts. It looks like I've ended up writing about a couple of my initial ideas anyway ~ even if only briefly.

Here's to allowing ourselves to be in the space we need to be in for as long as we need to.

I'm off to make some popcorn.

See you next week.




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Thank you Lynna!!! Mwuah!


So very sorry for your loss of Gracie. I'm sure you gave her the best life ever.

Replying to

Thank you so much Susan for your kind words.


Jan 16

i'm so sorry to hear about your wee much empathy for you.

I would love to read whatever you have to matter what the content.....and I also celebrate your choice to not write at all (*anti-capitalist fist-bump*).

Look after your lovely self....grief is a strange beast and it has its own timeline. xoxo

Replying to

Thank you 💙

fist bump well recieved!


I would love to read about any of the things on the list but also am a big fan of not buuying into the pressures of the marketplace and capitalist growth models. I'm a fan so when you write I will read. Full stop.

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